New Bethel Baptist Church is currently seeking a Part-Time Youth Director. For full job description please see below. 

Please send resumes (optional sermon videos/bible study) to

Qualifications of Youth Director

  • A committed personal relationship with Jesus Christ
  • Should exhibit a life defined by the Fruit of the Spirit as described in Galatians 5:22-23
  • Must be affiliated and in full agreement with the Baptist Faith and Message of 2000.
  • Must believe that the Bible is the inspired, infallible, inerrant, authoritative, and sufficient Word of God.
  • Must teach in accordance with the theological and doctrinal beliefs of New Bethel Baptist Church.
  • Must be willing to serve and function under the leadership of the Senior Pastor, as well as learn, support and adhere to the by-laws of New Bethel Baptist Church.
  • Must possess strong leadership, organizational, and time management skills.
  • Must possess a strong work ethic, with a willingness to work cohesively with the church body.
  • If married, the director’s spouse shall share in like manner Christian consecration and church loyalty.

Duties of the Youth Director

  • Shall have general oversight of all youth programs.
  • Must relate to all youth, regardless of demographic and articulate a plan to grow the youth ministry to the potential of  the surrounding community.
  • Shall conduct or be responsible for weekly Bible study, such as, Sunday School, VBS, or other youth related activities.
  • Shall be responsible for planning youth trips, such as camp, youth mission projects, or other youth related retreats where youth will be gone overnight.
  • Shall see that all permission forms have been signed and received by parents for youth activities as well as making sure all youth activities and events are properly chaperoned by adults.
  • Shall promote youth participation in adult church activities and coordinate with Senior Pastor and Music Minister any special church activities involving the youth.
  • Shall discuss any youth related difficulties with the Senior Pastor and/or Deacons as a matter of confidentiality, rather than with any church members.

Benefits of the Youth Director

  • Shall be paid an initial salary recommended by the budget and finance team and approved by the church. This will be reviewed annually.
  • Shall have two (2) weeks of vacation with pay per year. Six months should elapse before the first vacation is scheduled unless a special privilege is granted by the Pastor and/or Deacon body.
  • The church will pay salary in case of illness for two (2) Sundays during the year. In case of prolonged illness, the Pastor and Deacon body will recommend future arrangements to the church for approval.
  • The church will provide an expense account for the director’s attendance at youth activities and/or conferences when attendance is approved or requested by the church. The budget and finance team will set a maximum on this account each year and will be reviewed annually.